Presskit for Survival Cow


Survival Cow is an exciting game about Cows and Ufos.

Run while being chased by a dangerous Ufo. Dodge laser rays falling from the sky and collect as many milk-bottles as you can. Take advantage of the abducting ray to jump over obstacles but be careful, don't let them catch you!


Survival Cow was made by Copito System, a little family of programmers from Argentina. It is available on Google Play right now, and soon will be realeasing in the App Store. There will be also a free preview for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. This game was built using the awesome, free and open-source game framework, LÖVE.


Download everything below (and more) in this handy ZIP archive (~11MB)

Animated gifs (600x338)

Screenshots (800x480)

Feature graphic (1024x500)

Icons (512x512)